Critical Positions : Romanovsky – Levenfish #0002

I came across the following position in my studies recently, it is Black to move. Looking at the board it becomes clear that if Black’s Queen could swap itself with the Rook on g2, it would me mate. Therefore the question one must ask is can Black play 33…Qxa2 ?

Solution to follow…

The Setup – #0001

So ground zero of the 5 year effort to reach FM strength is here and saw the laying of the groundwork for the next few years, in the setup of the following databases:

  1. Megabase 2022, Corr 2022, All ICCF Server Games all set up for reference searches.
  2. Opening Repertoire bases for my White and Black repertoires.
  3. A “WIP” database for appending anything of interest I come across that warrants further investigation.
  4. A “Vocabulary” Database, to contain everything I’ve purposefully studied.
  5. A “Theme Key” Database holding the master theme keys I set up and can apply to other databases.

This workflow may evolve over time, but it is my intention to add to at least one of these databases every day, in addition to any other training I may undertake.

My current rating or playing strength is mid 1900’s on the official lists, so by the end of 2022 a rating mid 2000’s will be deemed a success.