Early Summer Swiss 2021 – R1

Replay the game with annotations here

My first competitive game in over a year seemed a good place to start the JourneytoFM project. A comfortable game where I was better throughout yet blundered by moving too quickly when trying to keep my opponent on his clock when he dropped to his last couple of minutes.

We ended up in a …Nbd7 variation of the Fianchetto King’s Indian, where my opponent chose a sub-optimal plan, allowing me to neutralise both his KID Bishop and one of his Rooks, in addition to him spending tempi trading off my “Bad Bishop” for his “Good” one.

However, late in the day, playing too fast despite having 18 or so minutes on the clock, I blundered into a draw. I was moving too fast. My opponent had dropped to under 2 remaining minutes and I was trying to keep the pressure on him. Rookie mistake.

To his credit, when it mattered and his chance appeared, he took full advantage and found the correct continuation to force the draw.

Due to Covid restrictions currently in place in the UK, the game was played on the Lichess server and can also be found here…